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SpeechSkills provides expert communication training to help you develop your professional communication skills. Whether you'd like to strengthen your presentation skills, look more confident and credible, define your core message, organize your thoughts, or find new and effective ways to collaborate with your team, we'll give you the practical skills you need to succeed in today's competitive business world.

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You’ve got smarts and skills in spades, and you’re brimming with potential. Still, in a high-speed, hypercompetitive business world, you have little time to make that impression. You have to instantly project credibility or risk being overlooked.

In The Credibility Code, author Cara Hale Alter identifies 25 specific “codes of conduct” —for posture, gestures, vocal skills, eye contact, and more—that influence the perception of credibility. And unlike countless other cues, these signals are within your active control.

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SpeechSkills' award winning DVDs will give you the instruction you need to improve your skills on your own.
Speaking with Credibility and Confidence demonstrates the skills you'll need to become a more effective speaker.
Improving Your Speaking Skills gives you the games and exercises you can use to become a confident speaker.
Use these videos and your progress is guaranteed!
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